impressive as £2.3m/year defender proves Chelsea’s transfer success

impressive as £2.3m/year defender proves Chelsea’s transfer success

Malo Gusto has been quietly impressive in most of his appearances since joining Chelsea, and sometimes not so quietly impressive.

Against Preston at the weekend he was great, and he adds to much to the team as the quality Reece James backup we’ve needed for so long.

There’s only one thing he needs now – to stay fit. With James out, Gusto is in line to play as many games as he can.

In this way, his versatility could hurt him a little, as we’ve already seen that he’s liable to get shuffled from right to left side while we’re missing basically every other natural full back. This means a lot of accumulated minutes, and we’ve already seen him pick up a couple of injuries this season.

If he can stay fit from now until May, and keeps playing like he has been, we can be really delighted with him as one of the better signings of the last year. He’s paid just £2.3m a year (according to Spotrac), and is already proving worth double that.

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