Enzo Fernandez hopes Chelsea signs this player again, but chances are slim due to two reasons

Enzo hopes Chelsea signs player again, but chances are slim due to two reasons

Paulo Dybala has once again been linked with Chelsea, with his €12m release clause tempting teams in January who may want a new attacker.

It reminds us of the summer, where Goal.com quotes Enzo Fernandez as joking that he wanted his countryman to join so that he had someone to share his barbeques and matés with.

This release clause makes Dybala perfect fodder for any rumour writer as it makes him affordable for basically every team in the league.

There are a couple of concerns though – firstly, he’s more of a creative Nkunku type than the physical presence we need leading the line. Is a frail but skilful Dybala really going to add anything we don’t already have?

Secondly, his wage demands and age don’t really fit the profile of player that the sporting directors like signing.

So despite the affordable price, it still feels unlikely unless we really start to panic.

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