Chelsea New captain expresses dissatisfaction with the team’s performance

New captain expresses dissatisfaction with the team’s performance, stating, “We weren’t up to standards.”

We’ll admit it, we were pretty furious about Chelsea’s first half performance against Preston, and the players knew it.

Mauricio Pochettino went in at half time furious, and the players, to their credit, improved in the second period. Levi Colwill captained the team in that game, and he knew as well as anyone that it wasn’t good enough.

“We were proud of the second half, we raised our levels from the first half and went out there and scored a few goals… I don’t think we were up to standards, and obvious [the manager] saw that and everyone saw it. He just told us ‘come on, we’ve got to sort ourselves out,.. the second half was much better than the first” the defender said in his interview on Chelsea TV.

We’re relieved things improved in the second half, and Pochettino and his players deserve some praise for that. But ultimately the question is why they can’t perform properly in games from the start. This was not a one off, this was a game where they played a strong team against weak opposition and still took 50 minutes to produce anything in attack.

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