18-year-old star might miss out on huge Chelsea transfer deal

An 18-year-old might miss out on a hefty Chelsea transfer deal

One transfer we heard quite a lot about in the summer was that of Antonio Nusa. The young talent is in hot demand across Europe, and Chelsea looked to be front runner to sign him at the time.

News spread late in August that the Blues had made an official bid for him, with top sources like Fabrizio Roman confirming the club’s strong interest.

If you still doubted the interest was real, we’ve now heard it from the horse’s mouth. The winger has spoken openly to HLN in Belgium about the Blues’ attempts:

“We had a match, Osasuna at home I think. I knew about their interest, but I was not informed about the offer. After the match I turned on my phone and the messages kept coming. The news had leaked. I was shocked, but we had actually decided much earlier to stay in Bruges anyway.

“It surprised me too. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money.’ However, we had known for some time what we would do, so it didn’t cause me much stress. You think about it, but all in all I remained calm.”

In the end, it really looks like our chances of signing him have diminished now. We’re struggling with FFP and have no need for a winger in comparison with our needs in other places. Nusa may look back and wish he had taken that chance – or maybe he will blossom elsewhere.

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