Former Arsenal player criticizes Chelsea’s loss of a key player’s mentality

Former Arsenal star criticizes Chelsea’s loss of a key player’s mentality

Antonio Rudiger was not always appreciated in his time at Chelsea.

It took a while for him to earn his place in the team, and even then there was a lot of uncertainty about his ability. He was erratic and inconsistent. But by the time he left, he had established himself as one of the top centre backs around, and he was a firm fan favourite as well as a clear superstar at the back.

It was no wonder that it was Real Madrid of all people who came calling for him, something it would have been hard to envision after his first couple of years at the club. It was a painful moment when he left for all involved.

His former German teammate Mesut Ozil has turned the screw today by pointing out how good Rudiger is – and how bad Chelsea have been since he left:

You can ask Haaland or Osimhen how good Rüdiger is. He is just the best defender in the world at the moment. Look what has happened with Chelsea after he left, they are missing his mentality every day,” the former Arsenal man posted on Twitter.

We wish we could disagree, but he’s spot on. Not only do we miss a great centre back, we also miss a great leader and a great guy in the dressing room.

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