Pochettino urges owner for transfers; here is why

Pochettino urges owner for transfers; here is why

Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking to the media, and you’ll never guess what he’s said his team needs.

After another defeat and another poor performance, the coach has claimed that his side lack aggression, and that the best solution for that is the transfer market.

To be fair, he’s run out of all his other excuses. The only thing left is to say the players aren’t good enough and that new ones are needed – ignoring the fact that all these players have just been bought in the last year, at vast expense.

Adding a top striker is of course only going to help us, nobody is denying that. But who is going to be available in January who would actually improve us?

And, given the track record of the last 18 months, who is going to trust these sporting directors with another £100m to make an elite signing? We certainly wouldn’t be.

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