Mudryk needed to improve his career faster according to his former coach

New update revealed what “Mudryk needed” to improve his career faster according to his former coach

We’ve been curious to hear some Ukrainian narratives about Mykhailo Mudryk to compare them to how he’s seen in England.

So far at Chelsea he’s been a disappointment – verging on a flop. He’s had some flashes here and there, but his mediocre performances far outweigh his good ones, and given we’re almost a year in and he cost £70m, it’s approaching fair fair territory to say he’s seriously disappointed.

He’s his nation’s star man still, however, and inevitably (and in many ways fairly) they blame Chelsea and the chaos that’s been a constant at the club since Mudryk arrived for his struggles:

“Mudryk needed to take one more step there [at Shakhtar Donetsk], then the war happened. He went to Chelsea which, however, is not a team, in these contexts, even the individual struggles,” Shakhtar’s Italian coach Carlo Nicolini said in quotes picked up by Sport Witness.

“In the national team you can see the real Mudryk, he can do even more. He must find the right environment and a coach who gives him confidence. He has everything to rock, I hope he can show it because he is really strong.”

We’re still sure Mudryk can do a lot better in a settled team, but at the moment things are pretty settled with him on the bench. Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer are doing really well, and Christopher Nkunku’s imminent return is going to make competition even more fierce.

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