Cole Palmer is learning Spanish for a crucial reason

Cole Palmer is learning Spanish for a super important reason

Telegraph report Matt Law has revealed that Cole Palmer wants to try and learn Spanish in order to communicate more with his team mates and staff.

Chelsea’s team have an abundance of different language speakers but the coaches of Pochettino’s staff, the manager himself and key players like Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo all speak Spanish.

Palmer has already had to move from his home City Manchester and adapt to a new environment in London, and now he wants to take on the challenge of learning a new language for the betterment of his experience at Chelsea.

For me, this shows fantastic attitude and I am really happy that he is going to give this a go, it shows that he is dedicated to the club and wants to take any step necessary in order to achieve success.

Some fans have joked he is already preparing for a move to Real Madrid, but there is no chance of that happening any time soon.

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