Pochettino speaks on whether he will celebrate scoring against

Pochettino speaks on whether he will celebrate scoring against

I’ll be fully pleased when this game tonight is over and we can move away from anything to do with Tottenham, at least for now.

Tottenham play Chelsea tonight in the Premier League, and all the talk before hand has been about Pochettino being a former Spurs boss and the love he has for them, this that and the other, and it’s just become exhausting.

The media will be the media and ask their 100s of questions trying to draw out controversial quotes from the Chelsea boss, quotes in which get manipulated on headlines and via social media from fans who already dislike Pochettino and want him gone already for whatever reason. It’s all a toxic cycle and people get sucked in by it.

Pochettino says he wont celebrate if Chelsea score against Spurs?

Does he? Really?

Or is he just saying that generally in games he doesn’t like to celebrate goals and prefers to wait until the full time whistle and celebrate wins?

Because that’s what it looks like to me rather than specific to this game and Spurs. Jesus Christ!

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