Sterling must step up his game if Chelsea wants to reach the next level

Sterling needs to elevate his performance in order for Chelsea to reach the next level

When Cole Palmer was bought on deadline day, he looked like a luxury signing to a lot of us. But in the end, his level has been so high that he’s become our most important attacker, especially with Christopher Nkunku out.

Last night we were looking so sterile on the ball, and it was only when Palmer got involved and took players on or made risky passes that we caused Blackburn problems. Raheem Sterling on the other flank contributed very little in comparison, and that in turn made it harder for Nicolas Jackson to find the space he needs to impact the game.

It does feel harsh to criticise Sterling after he scored yesterday, and after he’s made important attacking contributions in plenty of games this season, but watching him in the stadium, there’s just a sense that the fire in his heart has slightly gone out, and that we need someone who will continually take risks and graft on that flak, like Palmer does on his side, if we really want to trouble defences which are sitting deep.

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