Thiago Silva admits he’s navigating new career ground this season

Why Thiago Silva admits he’s navigating new career ground this season

Thiago acknowledges he’s part of a major squad rebuild at Chelsea.

“It’s a new situation,” the 39-year-old told “Despite the fact that, for example at Milan, the team was already put together, I was just jumping on the boat as it set sail. At PSG it was a similar situation to here, because I joined the club in the Qatari owners’ second season. Along with the other players we managed to put together a winning PSG team.

“So I joined here, the team was already assembled, and despite some bad results things then started going well, and now I’m in a totally new situation. There are really young players here.

“I’m the oldest player in the team, and I think the league as a whole, and I think Chelsea have the youngest team in the Premier League. Many of our players weren’t playing in the Premier League before, many came from different leagues, so they had to bed in as well.”

The defender also said: “We always went to training with great energy and made a big effort despite the bad results we were getting. We tried to be as positive as possible, because you’ve got no time to question yourself or get down. Every weekend and every game is so demanding, so you’ve got to be ready.

“The atmosphere was never bad. I always felt great at the club, but of course it’s better with more wins. Nobody likes going on the pitch, losing and going home. Personally I hate it! So I hope this season is different to last season. Obviously with all of the comings and goings and the new coach this has created a new situation for us.”

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