Former Chelsea manager claims the team currently have unmanageable squad

One former Chelsea coach has claimed this week that Chelsea’s current crop of players have created an ‘unmanageable squad’.

Chelsea have had many coaches come and go over the years, just as they have had with players. And one former coach has been mentioning Chelsea this week.

Paul Clement was involved with Chelsea for a good chunk of time, eventually becoming Assistant Manager at the club.

Clement was basically Carlo Ancelotti’s right hand man and was with him at Chelsea, PSG, and at Real Madrid.

And this week he has done a very interesting interview with Relevo, and of course had to mention Chelsea.

Clement believes Chelsea’s large squad is unmanageable and they will not be able to keep everyone happy, especially those players on the bench or those not even in the squad at all.

Clement said: “In an ideal team, everyone has to feel that they can contribute. The players who play are always happy; they like you. Then there are the substitutes, who in some cases are happy to be so—if it is a young man who is growing—or those who think they deserve to play, who are not always happy. Finally, there are those who are left out of the call; they don’t like you at all. One way to prevent that is with shorter insoles. At Chelsea, for example, there is an unmanageable squad. It doesn’t matter how good you are as a coach; that is uncontrollable.”

It’s certainly a point to make and it’s been something that I’ve been a little concerned about as more of our injured players start returning.

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