Reason Mykhailo Mudryk claims he meant his goal

Reason Mykhailo Mudryk claims he meant his goal

Mykhailo Mudryk’s goal last night looked like a pure fluke.

The winger was dashing away down the left, and as he raced towards the byline he very clearly looked up and saw Raheem Sterling at the far post. Mudyrk got his head down and swung a cross in, but he appeared to hit it wrong. The ball flew far out of Sterling’s reach, but over David Raya’s head and into the net.

It looked just like a ballooned cross, but after the game Mauricio Pochettino insisted it was deliberate, and that there had been some interesting info from his coaches on how to catch out Raya.

“It was something in the middle, between a cross and a shot,’ explained Mudryk. ‘Before the game, our goalkeeper coach told me to look at their keeper because sometimes he is trying to read things and he can just lose the goal, so I can chip him,” the winger said on the club’s official site.

“So it was something I knew and I kept it in my head. I went for something between the cross and the shot and it was a good decision.”

Do you believe it? We do believe that the coach told him that, and it’s perfectly possible that Mudryk hit the cross without needing to look at the goal. However, there’s no denying that it did look very accidental.

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