Breaking News – Moises Caicedo Breaks Silence on who help him become a better player

Just in – Moises Caicedo Breaks Silence on who help him become a better player

The best thing about international breaks is you get to hear more from Chelsea players in various interviews whilst they are out and away with their national teams.

The Blues have many players out on international duty right now, and Moises Caicedo is one of them with Ecuador.

He was superb in his first game of the break, and I am sure he will not be dropping his levels for their next game coming up.

Caicedo has really started to grow into his role at Chelsea since arriving from Brighton in the summer. He started slow and took a bit of time to find his feet, just as the whole Chelsea team did. But now he is really showing the quality he has and how important he can become for this team.

Caicedo credits his brothers for making him tough and the player he is, with them all being older than him when they used to play football together when they were younger.

As cited by A Stamford Bridge Too Far, Caicedo said: “It’s been a journey filled with tears and pain. I played football with one of my brothers, and they were all older than me. They were stronger than me. It was tough as they used to play hard so I could be strong from a young age. I’m very thankful for that because it’s thanks to them I’m here today, making one of my biggest dreams come true.”

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