Welcome: Chelsea to welcome new signing

Breaking News: Chelsea to welcome new signing

Chelsea are set to welcome new signing, Dujuan Richards to the club next month.

The Jamaican striker was signed from Phoenix Allstar Academy earlier this year, but couldn’t immediately move to England because of his age.

However, with the teenager turning 18 on November 10, plans are in place to finalise the transfer.

Craig Butler, founder of Phoenix All-stars, previously told Scouted about the youngster: “I remember this local fisherman kept pleading with me to take this young kid into my academy. He kept pleading and pleading, telling me he was special, so I agreed that if he was still there when I came back from the party, I would take him to the academy.

“When I returned, I saw this skinny, tall, gangly boy with his backpack waiting by my car, ready to go. We took him to the player housing, and he stayed with the academy ever since.

Butler added: “We’ve created football’s Usain Bolt.”

Both Newcastle United and Aston Villa also wanted Richards, but Chelsea moved quickly to sign him.

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