The debate is back: Hazard left a legacy Salah won’t

The debate is back: Hazard left a legacy Salah won’t

Former Chelsea star, Eden Hazard’s retirement announcement, has reignited another hot debate aside the Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate which has lasted nearly two decades.

The Mohamed Salah vs Eden Hazard debate is particularly popular in the Premier League.

Chelsea fans wasted no time celebrating Hazard’s retirement, stating that he left a lasting legacy, which they believe Salah won’t achieve.

Dubois(Twitter): I promise you Mo Salah is not going to receive even 2% of the messages Hazard has received from the footballing world when he retires. That says it all. Hazard left a legacy.

CANDULSS: Salah will never have the streets.

Morgan Leggett: Salah is a great player. He’s not special. Hazard is a once-in-a-lifetime player. We can already see the players who will go on to do what Salah has done. Even in their own team, we can see signs of those players. There’s no one like Hazard. No one.

Frank: Do me a favour and don’t even disrespect Hazard by putting Salah in the same breath as him.

There were also lots of comments also claiming the opposite.

Ifcxib: Absolute nonsense, Salah is one of the BEST players itw and has been for last 5 years easily. He offers everything and more you could want from a player.

DIAZ_SZN (Ali): Mate I even forgot that Hazard existed till he retired today. Even Ben Arfa and Taarabt will be remembered more than him.

Kunited: I’m taking Salah over Hazard. Every day of the week lol.

Major Cheng Fu: Salah is better than Hazard. More impact, broke records, was relevant for longer.

What do you think about this hot debate?

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